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Author:msxtoys    Source:Mingsenxing    Date: 2016-05-03 16:53:18

In the hot summer of July 2012,LOL was popular all over the world and the exciting worldwide final competition was in the tight preparation at that time,which should have been irrelevant with our factory here in China,while the RIOT GAMES contacted us right one month before the final and provided a series of LOL character designs to ask us to make some cushion/hat/plushier products based on their designs then air ship them to USA before the final.Facing this urgent situation which could be both an challenge and difficulty,our sales depart. colleague was quiet hesitated and not sure whether to do it or not,so reported to the boss and let him decide.Here is what our boss said: if even our factory cannot make it,no other factory can,since other factories cannot do,we have to make it possible and this will be our advantage.what a powerful and persuading answer.


After the decision,we started to develop prototypes,improve samples,search fabrics,match colors and met a few problems in the process.Meanwhile our client was very hard working and took this project very seriously,so they kept discussing all the possible problems with us all over a few nights until the problems were solved.

The result was always satisfying if you tried best and our first order of 10000 pcs cushions from this client was confirmed on 25th July.But the delivery time was only 20 days,which was not even enough just for normal materials preparation.This was a big challenge but our purchaser was super good and searched all over the markets then got all the materials accepted by client.

 League Of Legends Teemo Plush Toy

The next step was cooperation of all the departments of embroidery,stitching and stuffing,and we succeeded in completing the order in 13th August and passed to client?s third party for quality checking.On 15th August,these 102 CBM goods were shipped at Huanggang port to Hongkong air port then to Los Angels in USA.

 League Of Legends Plush Toys

The story is still going on and LOL is getting more and more popular.we have developed much more products for our client in the coming years after that and achieved more than 350,000 usd annual sales.

The harder you work,the luckier you will be,which becomes our sales department?s motto

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