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Chocking danger cause by weakness of seams for Stuffed Toys

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-05-05 14:05:35

Weakness of seams & No extral saftey protection measures

Do you know stuffed toys that are not sewed tightly as attachment may make curious babies eat the filling cotton after opening the cotton-filling mouths hardly or through untight seams, which can cause the danger of choking?
( Pls check the cotton-filiing mouth of your stuffed toys immediatly)

poor stitching toys

 Toys made by MSX (Shenzhen Mingsenxing Toy Gift Co., Ltd)

No matter who the strong or curious baby is,they are not capable of reaching the filling material in any case, because all cotton-filling mouths have an extral tunnel,which can help babies away from the filling materials,even though the mouth is being opened.

Chocking danger1

Hey,Our super sexy pretty MOMS?do it now to check the danger of the stuffed toy that your babies played.

And pls choose one style stuffed toy for babies at the age of 0-3 years, follow us to know more safety toy techniques

Here what is shared with us below is a recalling case about a soft toy exporting from China to France dated on March,2016- From BV Lab.

Weekly overview report of RAPEX notifications -Report 12-28

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